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Waterfront Surveys

When it comes to waterfront properties in New Jersey, many are found in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Water rights related to real estate are generally particular to East coast properties and are also known as riparian water rights. Professional land surveyors such as FRD Surveyors, LLC prepare Waterfront Surveys after careful examination of the subject properties.

Just as a land survey is critical to avoid land title disputes, a Waterfront Survey has value. In some areas of Monmouth and Ocean counties, homes are located on lagoons. For the most part, lagoons are artificial waterways and the State does not hold title to them. However, ownership rights may revert to the State if there is evidence that the lagoon front property is actually tidelands. This means that the area “formerly flowed by the mean high tide of a natural waterway.”

Meanwhile, the need for Waterfront Surveys is not just confined to property owners whose land faces any part of a lagoon. Riparian water rights should also be identified for waterfront property on lakes, streams, brooks, rivers, and ponds.

At best, deeds are generally vague in describing boundary lines involving properties abutting any types of water. For example, the property description may merely identify the land as extending to the lake, without mentioning particular markers.

Property owners who purchase waterfront homes are often concerned about the location of bulkheads and docks. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise regarding the placement of boats and boat hoists. A Waterfront Survey determines the property owners’ rights beyond the banks of the actual land.

Obtaining a Waterfront Survey

The benefits of retaining a professional and licensed land surveyor familiar with Waterfront Surveys are remarkable. Distinctions include identifying whether ownership extends to the water line, and may be as specific as the high water line or low water line.

The Waterfront Survey necessitates a review of all appropriate documentation, including the property deed. In addition to providing information regarding the land abutting the water for marker purposes, the Waterfront Survey may provide information about the water depths for at high or low tide to understand the suitability for mooring of boats and other pleasure-craft.

Ultimately, the surveyor will detail the proper margins of the waterway in a drawing. This includes notations of existing structures such as docks, moorings or piers.

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