697 Mill Creek Rd, Manahawkin,
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FRD Surveying History

Founded in 2009, FRD Surveying LLC is a professional land surveying company with headquarters in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Its principal, Frank DeSantis, PLS boasts over thirty years of surveying experience in providing a wide range of residential and commercial surveying services.

Frank DeSantis became a professionally licensed land surveyor in New Jersey in 1999, and in Pennsylvania in 2003. He is one of a small percentage of professional surveyors who graduated from a bachelor's degree program in land surveying. Frank earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, with a specialty designation in Surveying Engineering Technology from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Throughout his career, Frank has worked on a number of significant projects involving surveying and mapping of ROW plans in compliance with government specifications. As a Survey Project Manager, Frank has prepared boundary and topographic surveys for stadiums and in preparation for school additions. He was also the Survey Project Manager for a 45-acre farmland preservation survey.

As the company founder and leader, Frank DeSantis brings other unique land surveying and mapping expertise. He spearheaded project mapping and prepared route plans for a significant 50 mile transmission line project running from Oyster Creek to Atlantic City. Frank has also managed projects involving hydrographic, route, boundary and topographic surveys.


Precision and integrity are paramount when it comes to working with FRD Surveying LLC. Our principal and dedicated staff use their expertise and ingenuity to get things done. Our team surpasses all expectations for professional land surveying and mapping projects – with an emphasis on time deadlines and budget constraints. We provide the answers that facilitate clients when they need to make key decisions for the elimination of costly project delays.

FRD Surveying utilizes state of the art technology and methodologies. We deliver a superior product to our clients regardless of size or complexity, while doing so at the competitive pricing necessary in the current economic environment.

Our Commitment

At FRD Surveying, we service clients in a variety of industries for both simple and complex land surveying projects. Whether we are helping residential property owners with boundary lines or engaged in large-scale projects, we provide accurate and timely work. We are passionate about land surveying as it pertains to the communities we serve and the environments in which we live.

FRD Surveying LLC

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