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Boundary Surveys Corner Marking

Boundary surveys are also known as titles surveys. In the most simplistic terms, boundary surveys are used to define the property lines and show the relationship of the physical features on a property to the property lines. Professional land surveyors such as FRD Surveyors, LLC focus on accurately capturing precise measurements for individual parcels of land and the improvements on or near to them. Without a doubt, accurate boundary surveys are the first step in avoiding boundary line disputes. The recorded deed and the boundary survey are integral to each other. The recorded deed conveys title to land based on the boundary or title survey. At one time or another, a land surveyor likely determined the metes and bounds found in your recorded deed. The recorded deed contains many useful pieces of information beyond the obvious metes and bounds, such as prior recorded deeds in the chain of title, filed map information, prior owner names, easement references, etc. All of this information is used to build a complete picture of the property.

Professional land surveyors consider field evidence in determining property lines. This evaluation is critical to all types of property, including residential, commercial, industrial and protected or preserved lands as well. The ultimate goal is to present a clear picture of the physical limits of the surveyed land.

Like many of the counties throughout New Jersey, Monmouth and Ocean real estate is constantly being bought, sold, subdivided, consolidated, developed and redeveloped. Boundary surveys are recommended prior to any real estate purchase or development project and are almost always required by title insurance companies and mortgage lenders. Additionally, it is always wise to commission a boundary survey before making expansions to a home or improvements (fences, sheds, pools) to a property, when such expansions or improvements would be subject to zoning regulations. A preliminary conversation with your local municipality is always good advice.

What a Boundary Survey Entails

In preparation for a boundary survey, you or your representative should have the necessary documentation for the land surveyor’s review. This would include the recorded deed as well as any information pertaining to easements or changes since the last land survey.

Upon reviewing the legal description within the deed and supplemental information, the surveyor proceeds to retrace the recorded deed and take field measurements for later analysis in the office. If you are overseeing the surveyor in the field, you should not be concerned if the boundary cannot be determined on the spot. It is often necessary to process the information in the office and reduce and analyze all pertinent data and arrive at a solid conclusion as to the location of the boundary. This is especially true on larger properties or those properties with more complex geometry. Ultimately a drawn survey will be produced with any possible encroachments or points of concern on the subject property shown and explained as necessary.

Corner Marking

Corner marking is an essential component of boundary surveys. The purpose of corner marking is to provide clear and permanent indicators of endpoints of property lines, easement lines, rights of way or other defined points of interest. Corner markers can be of many varieties, but are usually capped steel pins or concrete monuments set. The setting of permanent corner markers is required when performing a survey in the State of New Jersey, but may be waived by the ultimate end user in an effort to reduce cost if a signed waiver is obtained from the ultimate end user.

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