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Boundary Line Disputes

Few things make for bad neighbors more than boundary line disputes. In many cases, it is a professional land surveying company such as FRD Surveying, LLC that actually identifies the problem. Issues regarding where property lines start and end cause havoc in a variety of circumstances.

Assumptions are often faulty when it comes to ascertaining property lines. Even though a row of beautiful hedges may seem to separate one home from another, Mother Nature is not reliable when it comes to setting boundary lines. Long time neighbors may not fully appreciate the consequences of failing to adhere to existing boundary surveys. Meanwhile, a change in ownership represents new considerations.

Real estate agents and brokers are among the many who become exasperated over boundary line disputes. As a matter of course, land surveys are ordered in conjunction with the transferal of real property, which can bring encroachments and other points of concern to into view. Many a real estate deal dies once an updated survey reveals misconceptions about the actual property lines.

It doesn’t necessarily take a sale to act as the impetus for a boundary line dispute. For example, the idea that “good fences make good neighbors” has some validity. However, improper placement of a fence or other improvement may cause unforeseen conflict.

At the risk of using yet another old adage, there is the thought that an “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Prior to building fences or erecting any type of structures, many property owners have the foresight to order updated land surveys. It’s a prudent way of avoiding boundary line disputes before they even surface.

Property Line Disputes and Land Surveyors

When a property owner retains the services of a professional land surveyor such as FRD Surveying, LLC, the idea is to secure experienced and accurate analysis. This involves an extensive review of the recorded deed, and other instruments of record. When there are inconsistencies in current conditions as far as the deed and existing survey, a professional land surveying company such as FRD Surveying, LLC will advise the clients of potential issues.

Land surveying is at the crossroads where the recorded deeds, mathematics and the real world intersect, and it is critical to retain an expert. Litigation of any type can be an expensive proposition. The price of retaining a professional and licensed land surveyor often saves money and unnecessary aggravation.

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