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Subdivision Plans

Thinking of subdividing your property? You should know that any adjustments to your boundary lines must follow strict guidelines as outlined in the New Jersey State Statutes. The procedures and planning standards are found at NJSA 40:27-6.2. Professional and licensed land surveyors such as FRD Surveyors, LLC work with property owners to ensure the proper documentation is available when submitting plans for subdivision.

First, you should know that the extent of the subdivision does not change the need for a land survey. Even minor modifications call for submittal and approval of subdivision plans. Professional land surveyors perform the mapping and measurements that go into any subdivision plans.

Land surveyors such as FRD Surveying guide the process for subdivision plans. They work in conjunction with developers, architects, engineers and attorneys in the planning and design of subdivisions, which are then submitted to the municipality for review and approval. This process can vary in its intensity and duration based on the size and scope of the project.

The initial step of any subdivision is to first have a current and accurate survey showing the boundary lines as they currently exist and review of the Zoning requirements to determine the feasibility of subdividing. Once it has been determined that a subdivision is feasible, the proposed property lines will be shown along with other requirements based on the municipality’s requirements. The sum total of this work will result in a plan showing the new property lines, with lot geometry and sizes and once approved, this map should be recorded for all future parties to reference. By law, permanent property corners will be set at the new property corners to memorialize the new property lines. All of this work can only be performed and signed by a Professional Land Surveyor. As a professional and licensed land surveyor, FRD Surveying LLC has worked on a number of Major and Minor Subdivision Plats. We are eager to assist you.

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