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Construction Stakeout and Layout Services

Before work can begin on any construction project, professional land surveyors become involved. It is the job of companies such as FRD Surveying LLC to ensure that clear and distinct markers indicating improvements, boundaries and other elements of the building process are set.

Construction Stakeout and Layout Services

Construction stakeout and layout services are a fundamental part of the construction process. Construction staking is used to set precise building locations and associated improvements according to the design plans. There are essentially two primary types of construction staking: rough grade staking and site layout staking.

Rough grade staking is for preliminary earthwork during the early phases of the project. This involves basin construction, roadway layout, building pads, etc. As the project progress, site layout work would begin with more precise layouts for utilities, buildings, curbing, parking, etc.

Who Orders Construction Stakeout and Site Layout?

Construction stakeout and site layout services are utilized by many contractors during the construction process. Ideally, there is a Land Development Manager (LDM) or General Contractor (GC) with whom scheduling can be coordinated and effective communication be established and maintained throughout the construction process. This relationship between surveyor and LDM is invaluable over the life of the project. Invariably, every project encounters field changes, scheduling setbacks, inspection delays, etc. The more effective the communication, the greater the chance these problems can be reduced or eliminated entirely.

Your Land Surveying Partner

FRD Surveyors LLC is intimately acquainted with the construction stakeout and site layout process, and all the intricacies of your construction project. As veterans of New Jersey’s commercial and residential real estate landscape, we are ready to help clients navigate the building process. Call FRD Survey LLC to talk to one of our representatives and to learn more about what we can do for you.