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Who Needs the Services of a Land Surveyor?

A variety of industries recognize the necessity of selecting qualified land surveyors for their work. FRD Surveying LLC primarily manages survey projects for attorneys, real estate agents and title companies. In some cases, our company also works with homeowners and insurance companies.  Land surveyors provide an essential service in the sale and purchase of both commercial and residential properties. They are crucial to property line disputes and provide tools for new construction, improvements, and additions.


Our Services

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

The ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey is the most in-depth and comprehensive process of its kind. It was established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are used to define the corners of property lines and show the relationship of the physical features on a property to the property lines.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are commonly done at the completion of a residential construction project, and required by the municipality for CO (certificate of occupancy).

Boundary Line Disputes

A boundary dispute with an adjacent neighbor is a fairly common issue for landowners. There are many ways a boundary dispute can arise.

Flood Elevation Certificates

​An elevation certificate compares a building's elevation to flood height levels in high-risk flood areas and is usually required when purchasing flood insurance. 

Staking & Site Layout

​Thinking of subdividing your property? You should know that any adjustments to your boundary lines must follow strict guidelines outlined in the New Jersey State Statutes. 

Subdivision Plans

Thinking of subdividing your property? You should know that any adjustments to your boundary lines must follow strict guidelines outlined in the New Jersey State Statutes.


Tidelands surveys are a special and specific kind of land survey that deal with the commercial and residential use of state-owned tidelands.

Title Transfer Survey

Purpose of a Land Survey with a Title Transfer. A land survey is a process of inspecting the physical property that is being transferred between proprietors.

Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys show a variety of ground-level variables of which builders, architects, and engineers should be mindful prior to building.

Waterfront Surveys

Water Survey and report will provide information about the water depth and the contents of the land underneath the water. 

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About FRD Surveying LLC

No doubt you already know that land surveying is both an art and a science. That said, there’s a reason many turn to FRD Surveying LLC when looking to ensure their work is done with both precision and accuracy – peace of mind.

As licensed professional land surveyors, FRD Surveying LLC provides extensive surveying services throughout New Jersey.

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FRD Surveying Utilizes State of the Art Technology and Methodologies

What Services Do Land Surveyors Provide?

Some might be under the misimpression that land surveyors only determine boundary lines. While this is a critical part of the work performed by FRD Surveying LLC, our work encompasses much more.

When it comes to the creation of easements, FRD Surveying LLC conducts field surveys. Accuracy is essential not only for placement of utility easements – but also for issues such as ingress and egress on or through adjacent properties.

Topographic surveying and mapping are crucial in identifying both natural and manmade features of designated areas. The survey itself collects the data used to compile the topographic map. Without this documentation; planning, development, and design will most likely lack the clarification necessary for project completion.

Flood elevation certificates are a particular concern at the Jersey Shore and are integral to helping determine premiums for flood insurance and in the preparation of construction documents and permitting.

Land surveyors are also involved in both aerial surveying and mapping. FRD Surveying LLC uses photogrammetry to supplement ground based surveys on larger parcels

Experience and Education Matter:

As the principal of FRD Surveying LLC, Frank DeSantis, PLS (Professional Land Surveyor) offers something unique. Less than five percent of land surveyors have achieved advanced degrees dedicated to their field. In Frank’s case, one of his former employers was so impressed with Frank’s work that they actually sponsored his studies for completion of New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, specifically the Surveying Engineering Technology degree.

Frank’s educational credentials are coupled with more than thirty years of hands-on experience. This includes survey project management associated with road widening work, construction projects, coastal work development, farmland preservation and more.

New Jersey has specified laws when it comes to licensing requirements for land surveyors that are enumerated in NJSA 45:8-35. Frank earned the distinction as a Licensed New Jersey land surveyor in 1999 and subsequently became a member of Pennsylvania’s licensed surveyors in 2003. Legislation effective January 1, 1991, requires graduation from a board approved curriculum in surveying of four years or more to sit for the land surveying exam in New Jersey.

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