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Expert Tidelands Survey Professionals

Tidelands surveys are a special and specific kind of land survey that deal with the commercial and residential use of state-owned tidelands. Also known as riparian lands, tidelands are lands that are now or were once submerged or flowed over by tidal waters. These lands are subject to state jurisdiction and tidelands surveys are coordinated through state entities.

Tidelands surveys are typically conducted on behalf of property owners who believe their structure or portions of their property are on beyond the tidelands claim line, established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Property owners might desire a riparian grant or are in need of Riparian License from the State if any portion of their property was, at one time, flowed by the mean high tide of a natural body of water or if they are using such lands for their personal enjoyment. At this point, a tidelands survey is necessary for verification.

How Do Tidelands Surveys Work?

A tidelands survey is necessary for property developers or owners to obtain a tidelands grant or a tidelands license. A tidelands license is a short-term rental agreement from the state for the use of its tidelands. New Jersey, with its expansive shore line, has its own procedure for issuing Tidelands Grants and Tidelands Licenses; however, the process will always require a comprehensive tidelands survey.

When a tidelands survey is ordered, a company will come in and determine the suitability to build and evaluate other factors based on a number of different variables like ground integrity, erosion, water flow, topography, Mean High Water Levels and more. The process is also used for determining ownership and right claims to tidelands within the state. These matters are governed by the New Jersey Tidelands Council and can get very complicated very quickly. It’s essential to align yourself with an experienced and knowledgeable partner during the tidelands survey process.

Facilitating Your Tidelands Survey

As one of New Jersey’s premier land use survey resources, FRD Survey LLC is fully mindful of the intricacies of the tidelands survey process and the regulatory burdens that businesses residents often have to face when they’re faced with these decisions. We have been serving the needs of developers and homeowners in New Jersey for over a decade, and we’re ready to help you or your business with the tidelands survey process. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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