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Title transfer surveys have long been a cornerstone of any real estate transaction. They ensure the buyer or the party to whom the property deed is being transferred receives an accurate, thorough and comprehensive picture of the property boundary. These surveys are a routine element of the real estate purchase and sales process and occur alongside various other types of reports and documents to ensure full disclosure on a particular property. Title transfer surveys are a normal part of the due diligence process. We understand that time is of the essence to allow a full and complete review by all parties in advance of the real estate closing. Once the title transfer survey is complete, the buyer and/or representatives will receive signed sealed copies for their records.

Specific Benefits of Title Transfer Surveys

While it might seem like buying land is always a safe bet, no matter where it may be, there are a great many variables that can sway prospective buyers one way or the other. Title transfer surveys focus on the property boundary and improvements thereon. If there are other concerns about a property regarding, but not limited to; wetlands, environmental conditions, tidelands, etc., they should be discussed ahead of time so that a clear scope of work can be developed and executed.

An experienced and qualified land surveyor will employ numerous techniques and pull information from various sources in order to complete the title transfer survey. This includes reviewing the property’s legal history, as well as making site visit(s) to measure the parcel of land itself.

Title transfer surveys are an effective way to help a prospective buyer determine if the parcel of land for sale is suitable for their needs without there being any surprises after the deal is closed.

Let Us Help You with Your Title Transfer Survey

With more than three decades of experience serving the title transfer survey needs of residents and businesses in New Jersey, FRD Surveyor LLC, has become a fixture in Monmouth and Ocean County real estate transactions. We’re ready to help you ensure your purchase or sale goes smoothly. Our experienced and licensed land surveyors perform a thorough and comprehensive examination of your current or prospective property and offer informed guidance regarding any issues prior to the transfer of ownership. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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